Benefits and features decor from pulp

Decor pulp is a fully finished part that needs no additional processing. Among the advantages of such elements it is necessary to note possibility of use on all surfaces, even on curved. The fact that the heated part becomes flexible and takes an interesting form. Furniture decor pulp 98 percent consists of small dust and also from a binder, because it has all the characteristics inherent in natural wood. If you want the decor of the pulp can be easily processed, for example, to cover the primer, varnish, paint like regular wood. The decor of the pulp can be used the technology of hot membrane vacuum pressing. Thanks to the use of such decorative elements that can transform any furniture and improve the aesthetic parameters. Last but not least, is the decor of the pulp is much cheaper than hardwood. To sum up, due to the numerous advantages of the decor pulp attracts many consumers.